42nd SIGIR 2019: Paris, France

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Keynote & Invited Talks

Session 1A: Learning to Rank 1

Session 1B: Health and Social Media

Session 1C: Search Intents

Session 2A: Question Answering

Session 2B: Collaborative Filtering

Session 2C: Knowledge and Entities

Session 3A: Recommendations 1

Session 3B: Interpretatibility and Explainability

Session 3C: Fact-checking, Privacy and Legal

Session 4A: Recommendations and Classificatiion

Session 4B: Queries

Session 4C: Users and Tasks

Session 5A: Conversation and Dialog

Session 5B: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Performance

Session 6A: Social Media

Session 6B: Personalization and Personal Data Search

Session 7A: Relevance and Evaluation 1

Session 7B: Multilingual and Cross-modal Retrieval

Session 7C: Recommendations 2

Session 8A: User Behavior and Experience

Session 8B: Hashing

Session 8C: Summarization and Information Extraction

Session 9A: Fashion Match

Session 9B: Relevance and Evaluation 2

Session 9C: Learning to Rank 2

Short Research Papers 1A: AI, Mining, and Others

Short Research Papers 1B: Recommendation and Evaluation

Short Research Papers 1C: Search