31st VLDB 2005: Trondheim, Norway

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Ten-Year Best Paper Award

Research Sessions

Streams and Stream-based Processing (Research Session 1)

Database Architectures for New Hardware (Research Session 2)

Integration and Mapping #1 (Research Session 3)

XML Query Processing #1 (Research Session 4)

Streams (Research Session 5)

XML Query Processing #2 (Research Session 6)

Skyline Querying (Research Session 7)

XML Query Processing #3 (Research Session 8)

Text Data Management (Research Session 9)

XML Query Processing #4 (Research Session 10)

Query Optimization #1 (Research Session 11)

Summarization (Research Session 12)

Views and Cache Management (Research Session 13)

Query Optimization #2 (Research Session 14)

New Applications (Research Session 15)

Architectural Issues (Research Session 16)

Correctness and Performance (Research Session 17)

DB and IR #1 (Research Session 18)

Peer-to-Peer and Distributed Computing (Research Session 19)

Data Mining (Research Session 20)

Query Optimization and Summarization (Research Session 21)

DB and IR #2 (Research Session 22)

DB Algorithms (Research Session 23)

Spatio-Temporal Query Processing (Research Session 24)

Privacy (Research Session 25)

Spatial and Temporal Databases (Research Session 26)

OLAP (Research Session 27)

Integration and Mapping #2 (Research Session 28)

Industrial Sessions

Data Warehousing and Data Mining (Industrial Session 1)

Applications (Industrial Session 2)

Potpourri (Industrial Session 3)

New Data Types and Algorithms (Industrial Session 4)

XML Support in Relational System (Industrial Session 5)

Web Services and Databases (Invited) (Industrial Session 6)

Query Processing and Optimization (Industrial Session 7)


Demo Sessions

Data Fusion (Demo Session 1)

P2P Based Systems (Demo Session 2)

Change Management and Data Dissemination (Demo Session 3)

Data Sharing (Demo Session 4)

Stream Processing (Demo Session 5)

Information Extraction (Demo Session 6)