How to perform a search within the full-texts?

We usually do not have access to an article's full-text, so dblp cannot provide any full-text search of its own. Our search is mainly based on a publication's title string, as well as some info from the metadata (e.g., the venue title).

If you are interested in searching "inside" the documents, you might want to look at search engines like Semantic Scholar, Google Scholar, or Microsoft Academic, which do not only include the metadata imported from dblp, but also provide means for searching within the full-texts.

In the case of Semantic Scholar, you may also have a look at our nested Semantic Scholar search at

which will retrieve full-text search results from Semantic Scholar's API and present them together with the export links for dblp's metadata. Note that this nested search will find less results than the actual search at Semantic Scholar since it focuses solely on results listed in dblp.

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