BIOCOMP 2010: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Bioinformatics Database, Data Mining, and Pattern Discovery

Microarray, Gene Expression Analysis, and Gene Regulatory Networks

Protein Classification and Structure Prediction, Evolutionary, and Computational Molecular and Structural Biology

Comparative Sequence, Genome Analysis, Genome Assembly, and Genome Scale Computational Methods

Drug Targets, Immunotherapy, and Computational Methods for System and Micro Biology

Computational Methods for Filtering, Noise Cancellation, and Signal and Image Processing

Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Biological Systems

Computational Methods, Computer-Assisted Medical Care and Service Systems, and Diagnostic Tools in Biomedical

Software Packages and Other Computational Topics Including in Bioinformatics

Algebraic Biology and Bioinformatics, ABB

Novel Algorithms for In-Silico Modeling Biological Networks and Generating Quantitative Predictions

Biological Networks, Feature Extraction, Gene Expressions, HIV, Software Tools, Modeling, Motifs, Proteomics, DNA, Data Analysis, Medicine, BCI/EEG, RNA, and Pattern Recognition