Computer Graphics International 1998: Hannover, Germany

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Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 2

Session 4

Wednesday Sessions

Session 1A: Virtual Reality

Session 1B: Raytracing

Postersessions 1a) Virtual Reality

Postersessions 1b) Visualization & Rendering

Session 2A: Virtual Reality

Session 2B: Modeling

Thursday Sessions

Session 3A: CAM

Session 3B: Digital Libraries & Data Bases

Postersessions 2a) Virtual Reality

Postersessions 2b) Multimedia & Virtual Environments

Session 4A: Approximation

Session 4B: Geographic Information Systems

Session 5A: Graphics & Communication

Session 5B: Modeling

Postersessions 3a) Multimedia & Virtual Environments

Postersessions 3b) Geometric Modeling

Session 6A: Modeling of Buildings

Session 6B: Modeling

Friday Sessions

Session 7A: Radiosity

Session 7B: Modeling

Postersessions 4a) Visualization & Rendering

Postersessions 4b) Geometric Modeling

Session 8: Visualization & Rendering

Session 9 : Virtual Reality

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