13th DEXA Workshop 2002: Aix-en-Provence, France

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W01: Fifth International Workshop on Network-Based Information Systems - NBiS

Session 1: Distributed Systems

Session 2: Mobile Communication and Networks

Session 3: Web-Based Systems

W02: First International Workshop on Web Semantics - WebS

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

W03: Third International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Knowledge Management - TAKMA

Session 1: Knowledge Modelling Concepts and Systems

Session 2: Issues on Knowledge Management

Session 3: Motivation and Learning in KM

W04: Third International Workshop on Natural Language and Information Systems - NLIS

Session 1: Text Analysis

Session 2: HLT Architectures

Session 3: Information Retrieval

W05: Second International Workshop on Web Based Collaboration - WBC

Session 1: Collaboration Architectures

Session 2: Collaborative Applications

Session 3: Collaboration Support

W06: Third International Workshop on Management of Information on the Web - MIW

Invited Paper 1

Session 1

Invited Paper 2

Invited Paper 3

Session 2

W07: International Workshop on Trust and Privacy in Digital Business - TrustBus

Session 1: Electronic Payment and Auctions

Invited Session: Electronic Voting: Dream or Reality?

Session 2: Access Control

Session 3: Theoretical Issues

Session 4: Privacy Issues

Session 5: PKI and Trust

W08: International Workshop on Presenting and Exploring Heritage on the Web - PEH

W09: Third International Workshop on Industrial Applications of Holonic and Multi-agent Systems - HoloMAS

Session 1: Architectures, Methodologies and Techniques I

Session 2: Architectures, Methodologies and Techniques II

Session 3: Applications

W10: Third International Workshop on Negotiations in Electronic Markets - beyond Price Discovery - e-Negotiations