DSN 2005: Yokohama, Japan

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Keynote Address

Session 1A: Fault Tolerant Architectures and Algorithms

Session 1B: Dependability in VLSI

Session 2A: Experimental Validation

Session 2B: System Security

Session 3A: Multicast

Session 3B: Wide Area Networks

Session 4A: Detection and Adaptation

Session 4B: FT Communications

Session 5A: Operating Systems and Mechanisms

Session 5B: Networking

Session 6A: Codes

Session 6B: Critical Infrastructures Protection

Panel: Dependability Benchmarking of Computing Systems

Session 7A: Consensus

Session 7B: Hardware and Codesign

Session 8A: Dependability Modeling and Prediction

Session 8B: Intrusion Detection and Tolerance

Session 1C: Software Reliability, Rejuvenation and Optimization

Session 2C: Security Evaluation

Session 3C: Evaluation of QoS and Self-Healing Systems

Session 4C: Experimental Evaluation of Fault-Tolerance

Session 5C: Performance Evaluation of Networks and Protocols

Session 6C: Markovian Models for Performance and Dependability

Session 7C: Experimental Microprocessor Evaluation

Session 8C: Replication and Checkpointing Protocol Evaluation

Workshop Abstracts

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