SC 2012: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

ACM Gordon Bell finalist: ACM Gordon Bell prize I

ACM Gordon Bell finalist: ACM Gordon Bell prize II

Analysis of I/O and storage

Autotuning and search-based optimization

Breadth first search

Direct numerical simulations


Cloud computing

GPU programming models and patterns

Maximizing performance on multi-core and many-core architectures

Auto-diagnosis of correctness and performance issues

DRAM power and resiliency management

Grids/clouds networking

Weather and seismic simulations

Compiler-based analysis and optimization

Fast algorithms

Massively parallel simulations

Optimizing I/O for analytics

Datacenter technologies

Optimizing application performance


Visualization and analysis of massive data sets

Graph algorithms

Locality in programming models and runtimes


Runtime-based analysis and optimization

Cosmology applications

Fault detection and analysis

Grid computing

Performance modeling

Big data

Memory systems

Numerical algorithms

Performance optimization

Communication optimization

Linear algebra algorithms

New computer systems

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