ACM SIGMOD Conference 2022: Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Keynote Talks

Session 1: Transaction Processing

Session 2: Query Processing and Optimization 1

Session 3: ML for Data Management 1

Session 4: Responsible Data Management and Fairness

Session 5: Streaming and Sensor Networks 1

Session 6: Data Cleaning and Integration

Session 7: Data Management for ML 1

Session 8: Query Processing and Data Management for ML

Session 9: Database Monitoring and Tuning

Session 10: Distributed and Parallel Databases

Session 11: Database Security, Privacy and Control

Session 12: Graph Data Management and Mining

Session 13: ML for Data Management and Query Processing

Session 14: Modern Hardware and In-memory DBMS

Session 15: Streaming and Sensor Networks 2

Session 16: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Session 17: Query Processing and Optimization 2

Session 18: Data Management for ML 2

Session 19: Databases for Emerging Hardware

Session 20: Database Security and Distributed Data Management

Session 21: ML for Data Management 2

Session 22: Provenance and Uncertainty