Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 35

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Volume 35, Number 1, February 2016

Editorial Articles

Volume 35, Number 2, May 2016

Shape M&M Editing, Sketch & Drawing Fabrication Image Editing & Processing Character Animation HDR Imaging Terrains & Fluids Data-driven Images Fluid Simulation Global Illumination Meshes Rendering Techniques Curves & Surfaces Shadows Faces & Motion Deformable & Soft Objects Texturing & Compression Geometric Modeling Visualization Video Images & Geometry Cloth & Animation State of the Art Reports

Volume 35, Number 3, June 2016

High-Dimensional Data Networks and Graphs 1 Structures, Clusters, and Patterns Charts and Glyphs Biological Data Visualization Volume Data Applications Prediction and Forecasting Coordinated Views and Interaction Design Networks and Graphs 2 Time Series Data and Sequences Flow Visualization Volume Data Visualization Text and Document Data Geospatial Data Visualization Geospatial Data visualization Geospatial Data Visualization Story, History, and Evolution