1st FSKD 2002: Singapore

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Volume 1

Keynote Speeches

Plenary Speech

Panel Discussions

Knowledge: Discovery - Theory and Foundations

Neuro-Fuzzy System I

Special Session on Knowledge Representation under Vagueness and Uncertainty

Fuzzy Control

Fuzzy Classifiers

Image Analysis

Hybrid Systems and Applications I

Hybrid Systems and Applications II

Special Session on Softcomputing Applications on Mechatronic Systems

Fuzzy Systems in Telecommunication and Multimedia Applications

Forecasting and Prediction

Hybrid Systems, agents, and Rough Sets

Parameter Optimisation and Data Mining

Special Session on Intelligent Computing Technologies - From Human Communication toward Intelligent Software

Volume 2

Information Fusion

Data Mining with Fuzzy Systems I

Data Mining with Fuzzy Systems II

Knowledge Discovery and Fuzzy Systems in Business ad Multimedia Applications

Algorithms and Methods for Knowledge Discovery

Special Session on Clustering Techniques, Classification and Data Mining

Applications in Health and Medical Sciences

Special Session on Self Evolving Structures for Enhancing the Intelligence of Artificial Systems and Application to Knowledge Discovery

Neuro-Fuzzy Systems II