24th CIKM 2015: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Keynote Address I

Session 1A: Scalability

Session 1B: Personal Search

Session 1C: Learning

Session 1D: Text Processing

Session 1E: Applications

Session 1F: Social Media 1

Session 2A: Graphs

Session 2B: Retrieval Algorithms

Session 2C: Text Analysis

Session 2D: Clustering

Session 2E: Users and Predictions

Session 2F: Heterogeneous Networks

Session 3A: Veracity

Session 3B: Social Networks 1

Session 3C: Query Completion

Session 3D: Microblogs

Session 3E: Graph-Based Analysis

Session 3F: Classification 1

Keynote Address II

Session 4A: Location-Based Services

Session 4B: Query Explanation

Session 4C: Crowds

Session 4D: Optimization

Session 4E: Social Networks 2

Session 4F: Matrix Factorization

Session 5A: Trips and Trajectories

Session 5B: Retrieval Enhancements 1

Session 5C: Privacy

Session 5D: Data Streams

Session 5E: Classification 2

Session 5F: Sentiment and Content Analysis

Session 6A: Time Series and Streams

Session 6B: Adaptive Learning