HICSS 1994: Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Volume 1: Architecture

Computer Design: A New Grand Challenge

Design and Prototyping of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Systems

Enabling Multiprocessor Technology

Fast Simulation of Computer Architectures

High-Performance Computer Arithmetic and Implementations

High-Performance Implementation Techniques of Superscalar, VLIW, Deeply Pipelined, Multi-Threaded, Vector, and Dataglow Execution Architectures

Memory Organization Tradeoffs in Computer Systems Design

Photonics and Electronics in Computer System Design

Scalable Shared-Memory Architectures

Volume 2: Software Technology

Issues and Problems in Compiling for Distributed Memory Computer Systems

Operating System Support for Massively Parallel Computer Architectures

Parallel Algorithms

Parallel and Distributed Database Systems

Programming Paradigms for Parallel and Distributed Computing

Program Partitioning and Scheduling in Parallel and Distributed Systems

Real-Time Computing

Transportable Programs for Parallel and Heterogeneous Systems