28th ICDE 2012: Washington, DC, USA

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Panel Paper

Session 1: Privacy

Session 2: Web 2.0 Applications

Session 3: Storage Management

Session 4: Data Streams Processing

Session 5: Graphs

Session 6: Uncertain and Probabilistic Databases

Session 7: Data Integration and Extraction

Session 8: Spatio-Temporal Data Management

Session 9: Query Processing

Session 10: Location Aware Data Processing

Session 11: Map-Reduce Based Data Processing

Session 12: Social Media

Session 13: P2P and Distributed Processing

Session 14: XML and RDF Data Management

Session 15: Performance

Session 16: Data Extraction and Quality

Session 17: Top-K Processing

Session 18: Similarity

Session 19: Text and Strings

Session 20: Query Processing II

Session 21: Data Mining

Session 22: Scientific Data, Analysis and Visualization

Session 23: Similarity Search and Detection

Session 24: Sensors Network and Trajectory

Session 25: Error Reduction and Data Security


Demo Group 1