INTERSPEECH 2011: Florence, Italy

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Keynote Sessions

Keynote 1

Keynote 2

Keynote 3

Keynote 4: Roundtable - Future and Applications of Speech and Language Technologies for the Good Health of Society

Regular Oral Sessions

Speaker Recognition - Modeling

Speech Perception - Speech Intelligibility

Speech Representation and Modelling

Emotion, Speaking Style, and Social Behavior

HMM-based Speech Synthesis I

Speaker Recognition - Modeling, Automatic Procedures, Analysis I

Speech Perception - Perceptual Learning and Cross-Language Perception

Speech Analysis

Speech Enhancement and Dereverberation

ASR - Feature Extraction II

Speaker Recognition - Modeling, Automatic Procedures, Analysis II

Speech Production - Articulatory Measurements

Acoustic Event Detection

Speech Synthesis - Unit Selection and Hybrid Approaches

Speech Enhancement Analysis and Evaluation

Speaker Recognition - Analysis and Statistics I

Speech Production - Coarticulation and Speech Timing

Speech Segmentation

ASR - Acoustic Models II

Robust Speech Recognition II