IPDPS 2014: Phoenix, AZ, USA - Workshops

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Workshop 1: HCW - Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop

HCW Session 1: Heterogeneous Environments for Basic Linear Algebra

HCW Session 2: Scheduling and Resource Allocation

HCW Session 3: Resource-Related Performance Optimization

Workshop 2: RAW - Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop

RAW Session 1: Compilers and Binary Translation for Reconfigurable Architectures

RAW Session 2: New Reconfigurable Architectures

RAW Session 3: ViPES Papers

RAW Session 4: Circuit-Level Applications

RAW Session 5: Numerical Reconfigurable Computing Applications

RAW Session 6: Applications of Reconfigurable Computing

RAW Poster Session 1

RAW Poster Session 2

Workshop 3: HIPS - Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments

HIPS Session 1: System Support

HIPS Session 2: Optimization

HIPS Session 3: Effective Communication

Workshop 4: NIDISC - Workshop on Nature Inspired Distributed Computing

NIDISC Session 1: Applications of Bio-Inspired Algorithms

NIDISC Session 2: Wireless Networks and Mobility Management

NIDISC Session 3: Multi-objective Optimization

Workshop 5: HiCOMB - Workshop on High Performance Computational Biology

HiCOMB Session 1: Parallel Algorithms for Biological Sequence Analysis

HiCOMB Session 2: Parallel/Distributed Architectures for Biological Applications

HiCOMB Session 3: Metagenomics and Assembly

Workshop 6: APDCM - Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing Models

APDCM Session 1

APDCM Session 2

APDCM Session 3

APDCM Session 4

Workshop 7: HPPAC - High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing

HPPAC Session 1: Power and Energy Analysis and Profiling

HPPAC Session 2: Power-Efficient Hardware

HPPAC Session 3: Large Scale Power Management

Workshop 8: HPGC - High-Performance Grid and Cloud Computing Workshop

HPGC Session 1

HPGC Session 2

Workshop 9: AsHES - Accelerators and Hybrid Exascale Systems