ICASSP 2016: Shanghai, China

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AASP-L1: Room Acoustics and Geometry Estimation

AASP-L2: Source Separation I

AASP-L3: Signal Processing for Music

AASP-L4: Microphone Array Processing

AASP-L5: Source Separation II

AASP-L6: Signal Processing for Reverberant Acoustic Environments

AASP-L7: Noise Modeling and Signal Enhancement

AASP-P1: Hearing Aids and Environmental Sound Recognition

AASP-P2: Music Intormation Retrieval

AASP-P3: Spatial Audio Processing and HRTFS

AASP-P4: Microphone Arrays and Spatial Acoustic Processing I

AASP-P5: Microphone Arrays and Spatial Acoustic Processing II

AASP-P6: Source Separation & Denoising

AASP-P7: Non-Negative Models

AASP-P8: Noise, Echo, Feedback and Reverberation Reduction

AASP-P9: Audio and Music Content Analysis