12th IJCAI 1991: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Architectures & Languages

Knowledge Base Management

Connectioonist & Parallel Rule Systems

Distributed AI I

Distributed AI II

Automated Reasoning

Theorem Proving I

Theorem Proving II

Theorem Proving III

Search I

Search II

Planning I

Planning II

Planning III

Reason Maintenance

Constraint Satisfaction

Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling 1

Cognitive Modeling 2

Knowledge Representation

Nonmonotonic Reasoning - Modal Logics

Nonmonotonic Reasoning - Conditional Logics

Nonmonotonic Reasoning - Circumscrition

Concept Languages

Concept Languages, Inheritance Reasoning


Topics in Knowledge Representation

Reasoning with Inconsistency


Awards and Invited Papers


Learning & Knowledge Acquisition

Explanation-based Learning

Classifiers/Genetic Algorithms

Classification & Generalization

Inductive Learning I

Inductive Learning II

Inductive Learning III

Inductive Logic Programming

Concept Formation

Case-based Learning

Knowledge Acquisition

Connectionist Models

Logic Programming

Logic Programming I

Logic Programming II

Logic Programming III

Natural Language

Natural Language Processing