IPDPS 2014: Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Keynote Speaker 1

Session 1: Algorithms for Resource Management and Awareness

Session 2: Big Data Processing

Session 3: GPU

Session 4: I/O, Storage, and Networking

Session 5: Multi-core Algorithms

Session 6: Computational Biology

Session 7: Interconnection Network

Session 8: System-Level Resource Management

Session 9: GPU Algorithms

Session 10: Graph and Network Processing

Session 11: Modeling, Simulation, and Reliability

Session 12: Accelerator Application Development and Optimization

Session 13: Combinatorial Algorithms

Session 14: Large Scale Scientific Applications

Session 15: Multicore and Transactional Memory

Session 16: HPC Operating Systems and Runtime Systems

Session 17: Algorithms for Distributed Computing

Session 18: Milestones at the Petascale

Session 19: Storage and Reliability

Session 20: Map/Reduce and Big Data

Session 21: Network Algorithms

Best Papers Session

Session 22: Performance Characterization and Optimization

Session 23: Multithreading and Concurrency

Session 24: Numerical Algorithms

Session 25: Performance Impacts of Hardware Acceleration

Session 26: Programming Models and Tools

Session 27: Algorithms for High Performance Computing

Session 28: Scalable Algorithms