CEC 2014: Beijing, China

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Special Session: MoE1-1 Computational Intelligence and Games

Special Session: MoE1-2 Memetic Computing

Special Session: MoE1-3 Evolutionary Computer Vision

Special Session: MoE1-4 Theoretical Foundations of Bio-inspired Computation

Poster Session: PE1 Poster Session I

Special Session: MoE2-1 Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization and Decision Making,

Special Session: MoE2-3 Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization

Special Session: MoE2-4 Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms and their Applications,

Special Session: TuE1-1 Evolutionary Computation for Planning and Scheduling

Special Session: TuE1-3 Complex Networks and Evolutionary Computation

Special Session: TuE1-4 Evolutionary Algorithms with Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques

Poster Session: PE2 Poster Session II