ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 42

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Volume 42, Number 1, February 2023

Volume 42, Number 2, April 2023

Volume 42, Number 3, June 2023

Volume 42, Number 4, August 2023

Geometric Optimization A Material World Motion Recipes and Simulation Character Animation: Knowing What To Do With Your Hands Image and Video Editing Geometric Abstractions: Not Just for Cubists Magical Sketching XR Displays and Perception: Seeing What's in Front of Your Eyes Procedural Modeling Inverse Rendering: Does Anybody Know How I Got Here? Fabricating Appearance Contours, Conformality, Coarsening, and Coordinates Thin and Thinner: Modeling Shells and Hair Full-Body XR: Beyond The Headset Neural Light Transport Pushing the Boundaries Cloud Rendering: Your GPU Is Somewhere Else Diffusion for Geometry Character Animation Colorful Topics In Imaging Surfaces, Strips, Lights Most Def: Fast, Large and Learned Deformables Material Rendering Surface Reconstruction