33rd CogSci 2011: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Workshops and Tutorials

Keynote: Anjan Chatterjee

Symposium: Finding your way: The cognitive science of navigation

Education and Tutoring Systems

Human Memory


Symposium: More than just logic tasks: New approaches to understanding reasoning

Symposium: Being where? Putting cognition, science and realism together again

Visual perception and memory

Learning and cognitive development

Modeling cognitive development

Concepts and categories

Situated cognition

Symposium: Interactivity and thought

Symposium: The development of spatial cognition during childhood

Instruction and teaching

Acquiring syntactic structure

Cognitive architectures and formal modeling

Processing complex information and inference

Emotions from physical states to social interactions

Symposium: Place holder structure and numerical computation

Spatial representation

Modeling child cognition

Communication and evolution of language

Computational models of language comprehension

Measuring concepts and categories

Perceptual processes