26th ASP-DAC 2021: Tokyo, Japan

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1A: University Design Contest I

1B: Accelerating Design and Simulation

1C: Process-in-Memory for Efficient and Robust AI

1D: Validation and Verification

1E: Design Automation Methods for Various Microfluidic Platforms

2A: University Design Contest II

2B: Emerging Non-Volatile Processing-In-Memory for Next Generation Computing

2C: Emerging Trends for Cross-Layer Co-Design: From Device, Circuit, to Architecture, Application

2D: Machine Learning Techniques for EDA in Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs

2E: Innovating Ideas in VLSI Routing Optimization

3A: ML-Driven Approximate Computing

3B: Architecture-Level Exploration

3C: Core Circuits for AI Accelerators

3D: Stochastic and Approximate Computing

3E: Timing Analysis and Timing-Aware Design

4A: Technological Advancements inside the AI chips, and using the AI Chips

4B: System-Level Modeling, Simulation, and Exploration

4C: Neural Network Optimizations for Compact AI Inference

4D: Brain-Inspired Computing

4E: Cross-Layer Hardware Security

5B: Embedded Operating Systems and Information Retrieval

5C: Security Issues in AI and Their Impacts on Hardware Security

5D: Advances in Logic and High-level Synthesis

5E: Hardware-Oriented Threats and Solutions in Neural Networks

6B: Advanced Optimizations for Embedded Systems

6C: Design and Learning of Logic Circuits and Systems

6D: Hardware Locking and Obfuscation

6E: Efficient Solutions for Emerging Technologies

7A: Platform-Specific Neural Network Acceleration

7B: Toward Energy-Efficient Embedded Systems

7C: Software and System Support for Nonvolatile Memory

7D: Learning-Driven VLSI Layout Automation Techniques