16th RO-MAN 2007: Jeju Island, Korea

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Haptic Interaction

Embodied Interaction and Communication

Multi-Aspect Modeling for Robotics: Can Robots and Humans Establish Tight Interaction through Physical, Mental and Social Interfaces?

Robot-Assisted Play

Poster Session 1

Plenary Session 1

Haptic Interaction with Robots

Interaction and Intelligence

Intelligent Robots for Human Daily Life Support

The Science and Fiction of the Uncanny Valley

Plenary Session 2

Auditory Cognition

Interaction Design for Adaptation

Interactive Robotic Space Design

Workshop on Robot Design

Plenary Session 3

Visual Sensing and Cognition

Situation Awareness in Social Robots

Robotic Companions and Social Robots

Applications of Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Autism Therapy

Interactive Demonstration Session