44th DAC 2007: San Diego, CA, USA

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Trusted Hardware


Industrial Application of System Level Methods

Novel Techniques for Interconnect

Formal and Semi-Formal Verification Techniques

Leakage Power Analysis and Optimization


Energy and Performance Issues in On-Chip Communication Networks

Circuit Simulation

Signal and Power Delivery Integrity

Functional Verification of ESL Models


Memories in Embedded Systems

Statistical Techniques for Timing Analysis and Design

Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI)

Distributed Computing: Automotive Network Design and Analysis

Emerging Nanoscale Hybrid Circuits and Architectures

Physical Implementation of FPGAs

Process Aware Physical Design

Reliable Design and CAD Solutions for Circuit Aging

Silicon, Safety and Self-Driving Cars

Silicon Measurement Correlation to Reliability, Noise and Timing Effects

Optimizing Arithmetic and Communication

Analog and RF Simulation



Modern Placement Techniques

Advances in Embedded Hardware Design

Bridging the Gap with Silicon

Practical Solutions for Power-Aware Testing

Virtual Automotive Platforms

The Future of Interconnects: How Will Billions of Transistors Communicate in the Nanometer Era

Advances in Decision Procedures